Before the Raid comics

2017-02-13 08:28:31 by madmeliss


A crazy comic strip series about a bunch of Roaches trying to survive. This comics series was originally published in Greek in 2003 by Jemma Press. In 2009 a uk version became available online as a webcomics. In 2017 I decided to publish the series on newgrounds too. Hope you like it! Adaptation by John M.Bradley.

The comics series "Before The Raid" will be updating twice a week! Stay tuned!

Meet Merv: requiem for a pimp

2016-10-21 05:00:52 by madmeliss

My latest pc game "Meet Merv: requiem for a pimp", is now available for free at gamejolt! Check it out:


Animatic Vision Showreel 2016

2016-05-24 16:33:44 by madmeliss

Animatic Vision creative studio SHOWREEL 2016.

watch it here:


Starting in 2006 we are now counting 10 years full of animated projects. We choose a humoristic approach for every project we work at and we give our best ideas and concepts to make our work unique. We've worked for big publishers in Greece, UK and Ireland, but we also produced our own animated series featured in websites like,, For more info please check our website:



2016-04-15 07:49:02 by madmeliss

Hello, my updated website is online! Now you can see all of my COMIC BOOKS in one page, with all the links to find them. Also you 'll find a new GAMES category of all the games I' ve made with my team at animatic vision creative and links to play. Enjoy!


Hello to all newgrounders! I 've updated my portfolio with new artwork! Have a look when you find the time! Happy browsing!




For the friends who would like to find me in Paris, I am having a signing for my graphic novel "Nom de Zeus - la crise grecque vue de l'Olympe", Friday, 18th of December 2015, 18:00, at the bookstore "La Maison du dictionnaire" (98, Bd du Montparnasse ,75014, Paris).


Hello newgrounders, wanna read some crazy comics? Check the online comics section I 've created at my website and tell me what you think!

interview at indiecomicsource

2015-10-03 05:27:33 by madmeliss

Hello everyone! Here is an interview i gave at indiecomicsource for my new graphic novel "GODS IN CRISIS"available at! Hope you like it! :)

comic book "GODS IN CRISIS"

2015-07-21 13:14:03 by madmeliss

Hey newgrounders, check my new comic book "GODS IN CRISIS"! a free 12-page preview is available here:

Buy it now  for kindle at:

gods in crisis